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 Have a story you think will create impact in the lives of others? Share it. If you have a passion for writing and inspiring others, then this project is perfect for you. Contributor to our platform. Note that only high quality posts which is in keeping with our brand's theme will be considered. Our topics are centered around, lifestyle,food, fashion, self improvement,travel & relationships, social media & entrepreneurial tips. 

Article Guidelines For Submitting

  • Tone is personal & resonates with readers. (please make sure to scope out site to get a feel of the tone used
  • We will not accept "affiliate articles".That means, your article should not contain marketing or promotional links unless given permission. 
  • Word count MUST be art least 500 words and remain under 1000 words.
  • Ensure that the grammar is checked BEFORE submitting. Use "grammarly" a free tool if you must to ensure that all grammatical errors are caught before submitting.
  • If your post requires photos, ensure that you have the rights to use these photos before. We will NOT be held liable for any copyright infringement. "please submit credit links" and if you don't have photos to accompany your posts, we will find creative commons photos syncing with the content of your article to use. 
  • You will be emailed directly once your article is approved and published. 
  • If you would love to become a regular contributor, please let us know via direct contact. Regular means submitting an article once a month."note that this will be an unpaid opportunity" with the scope to grow in the near future. 


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