Wedding Dress Craves

Three things I've always loved. Lace, Anything which shows my shoulders and neckline off & simplicity, And I always find myself looking at dresses in a wedding magazine we have at the apartment. "don't ask me why we have one, since neither of us are engaged.. lol."for reading purposes I suppose.So I chose three dress styles I would wear when the big day comes from Aisle Style. And by the way..I have no intentions on spending a ton on a lace wedding dress.

"The Vintage Dress"

A lined- appliqued-knee length and creamed colored "because I would probably get makeup everywhere as I do whenever I wear white!! I just don't get it", I love the simplicity of this vintage wedding dress. Having a 20s vibe going on, I would def wear this dress in a different color on a regular day. "maybe in black" The chiffon skirt is playful and fun "Insert Gatsby dance moment".. and the pearlesque button lining the back.. you can't go wrong!


"The Inevitable Lace Dress"

A vast majority of women seem to wear lace dresses on their day.. but I can imagine how HOTTT it must get under there!! I love lace, but too much lace is no no so my selection would have to be a combination of simplicity and lace in this wedding dress. My choice: An exquisite yes simple

Deep V-Neck

Clearly I have a thing of pearlesque buttons down the back


"The Hot Dress"

Let's get a little bit sexy. This dress is a composition of all three. Lace, Simple, and Skin - therefore I think it would be my go-to dress. I probably won't ge married in a church with all that skin exposed btw.. But. then again. that's not my preference. I love the ultra low back, mermaid bottom  and of course, the neckline. 


Have you ever thought of what your wedding dress would look like? If so, please share. If not.. check out these Hot Wedding Dresses for some ideas or Aisle Style! xx