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Ways You're Sabotaging Your Blog

Ways You're Sabotaging Your Blog

Spotted,little miss Andrea down the lane spending tons of money, time and effort on her blog only to realise that it's not working. But Why? Simple. She is single handedly sabotaging her blog by repeatedly doing a few things you probably are currently doing, or have been guilty of. Building a blog requires work and takes time to be noticed. Unless of course you play your cards right & land you some pot of lephrechaun luck in a short space of time. You may realise that a lot of the top blogs out there have a few things in common; and that their readers keep coming back for more. But why aren't you getting the same results?Well, there may be a few things you are currently doing that is leading to you sabotaging your growth & brands are shying away from that. Let's start with:


Yes, it's great to have  a blog mentor or a blogger you look up to. I remember last year when I wanted to become more serious with my blogging adventures I did pretty much everything my compadres were doing. From joining a bunch of overwhelming groups to posting the exactttt same content. It was annoying & fake  and it cost me a few months of trickle reads. The number one plan to making your blog stand out or branding your blog it choosing your niche. Yes Yes.. you've heard it before, but I will say it again,so there. There is nothing more draining that writing about something you have absolutely NO INTEREST in. It's like eating ice-cream when you know you're lactose intolerant. DISASTROUS. Key tip, focus on what you know and what you love. Passion writing translate accross to your audience & they come back for more because they connect with you via your words.Do it because you love it.Plus having fun is the key element of a successful blog. But what makes a blog successful. 


What is this big word you speak of? Aesthetic? Yes, my dear it's that thing that makes your blog stand out & presents itself as unique. Your branding (& I am nt taking about logos). Your colors, your style of posting, your pattern. Having an aesthetic is important. For me, I love bright colors on my business site & instagram. I love quotes, I love simple outfits, and I love shooting photos of my feet. It's a weird thing but it's me. And here's the thing, you do not need to have a ton of money to get someone to help you develop your aesthetic. Start with a blank slate in paint, or a piece of paper and write down what you want to see. What colors, what types of shots you want to include. And if you post about multiple things (like me life,style,travel), how do you want your content to flow. Start with a simple clean theme. One that is easy to navigate through & will make your presence & blog purpose known to your readers. You want them to see you through that. It's also what makes brands notice you. Your style. Your pizazz. Your special ingredient. 


Bare with me here for  a minute. Whoever said that publishing every day of the week either has no life or is deperate for attention............"I don;t know who it was but yeah". Let me tell you something (points finger), ain't no body got time for that!! Putting too much content out there in a short space of time is a bit much. And quite frankly, putting content which lacks quality is even worse. There are a lot of blog tip related posts which swear by writing 4 times a week!!. Ok.That's all well and good if you have a contributing teamof writers, but if you're a one man show, with a life outside of blogging, and  a job, then that just isn't logical! Maybe you don't have other things to do with your time,unless you are posting outfit photos, but not everyone has the time to sit an absorb every single day. Especiallly if you will be posting 1000 words publications. It is better to pour your heart out into a good quality piece at lease twice a week. Do the research, take great quality photos to accompany, and spend the rest of the time engaging with your audience & planning for the next week. I think it's too much pressure on one individual.Let your readers have fun with your content and take the time to engage with you & your other readers properly.


And of course, I had to throw in the card of organization. 6 months ago I bought a dry erase board to help me plan out my content and blog plans per quater... and then I got lost in the"blogosphere" and forgot about it. Until I realised how much time I wasted not having a strategy for my blog. What do I ultimately want it to become. Plan your posts, plan your content, plan you blog schedule. Having direction on what to do next goes a long long way. 

And lastly, are you having fun with it. It's an equation. Building a blog takes time, a few investments, & FUN!! I can speak for me and sy that if I am not having fun creating, I will NOT CREATE.. I would much rather sit in a love sit scribbling ideas until my mojo returns. There are so many blogging myths out there and it is impossible to escape them all, but if you want to grow a successful blog, have a great aethetic, be creative & write about what you love and most importantly; pace yourself and have fun with it . The reuslt will show. 

Have you found yourself struggling with any of the above mentioned? Let's chat in the comment section below & tackle it. Until next time...a bientot...xx Bisous Menellia 


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