I See Clearly - Summer Essentials Series // Sunglasses

Evidently the sun appears brighter as the summer months roll in. With hotter & longer days, not only do we need to protect our skin from the oh so deadly ultra violet rays, but also our eyes. I am never seen without sunglasses outdoors because of two reasons. One I live in a tropical climate so it's a daily essential and two I just love them. Have you ever stepped out of an office only to be blinded by the brightness of what seems to be coming from another realm?? My favourite pair lately are a tortoise shell round frames because it's stylish and shits on my face perfectly. And for me it is essential to know exactly which frames suit me & which to steer clear of; therefore,buying  a bunch of stylish summer trends is easier for me. 

Lately' I've been eyeing a few from Sunglasses Mania just waiting to be added to my collection,.. Naturally I love dark frames and generally stick to the neutral toned lenses. But a girl could do with an attitude change right? Because after all, summer is all about fun, beaches, more leisure, more relaxed happy hours at beach bars.. "clearly you can see that I love the beach". Here are a two of my fav trending pairs of late.



You can never go wrong with a classic pair of Ray Bans and these Clubmaster lights from Sunglasses Maniac makes a perfect pairing for a cute pair of braided beach going sandals. What I love most about these is the fact that is keeps me somewhat in my safe zone, and it mirrors my current love affair for tortoise shelled frames. The neutral tone also gives it a warm touch, which add more versatile uses....i.e more than "just the beach".Picture pairing it with a casual lunch date outfit, or adding a slight coolness to your office attire. 


I think it's safe to say that all fashion bloggers know the brand Chloe. We have been spotting their super stylish handbags since last summer, and I even have a how to style the Marcie bag. But this new obsession with the brand has expanded to eyewear. Currently,I'm eyeing these gold framed Isidora's. I love the play of tones and colors with this pair and it definitely steps a bit out of the box for me. But hey, that's what styling is about having fun. Sunglasses Maniac  also has this pair on their site and I know exactly how I would pair it.. Perfect example with the color play to your right.Now all I need is a pair of sandals and complimentary handbag and it's a go. Do you have any sunglasses on your current wishlist for the summer?Or what are you spotting right now? Let me know in the comment section below. xx Menellia