Transitioning Comfortably

Transitions are never easy to adapt to unless it's something you are a frequent experiencer of.. Me... It's something I learnt.. the hard way and still learning, because not every change comes equally. Which is something I teach in my coaching sessions & master classes. I'm currently vacationing in Paris and it hasn't been a smooth ride. Actually it's been quite bumpy becuase of climatic shock!! Yes SHOCK!! Coming from frequent 30degree weather to regular 6 took a toll on my body for the first few days, and more so because I unfortunately caught the cold the day before I left......queue side eye silence emo and FYI I am still recovering from it. 

The run down went something like, sucking on 30 lozenges on an 8 hour flight,falling asleep 10 minutes after take off because my body was weak, and a bam welcome of additionally sick passengers + 5degree weather upon exiting the plane at orly, to getting wet by freezing own calling I will admit, because I should have been better prepared..except I wasn't. Let's just say for the next 48 hours I thought I was dying from pneumonia because my fever, chills and headache were battling for the top spot... 24 hours later I am better & skipping across Paris like a school girl. 

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Travelling is fun of course, but I think we quite underestimate the climate change sometimes. We spent so much time and effort on the pre-prep,meaning budget, housing, immigration stuff and the like,and the outfit choices are lightly touched. For me,  I admit that is was a bit of a challenge preparing for the expected mild winter since the clothing choices for such were limited on my little isle of saint lucia. However, I did my best and managed to garner up a few bits and pieces to prepare me for the first week, whereafter I could add along as I go.. And of course, if you follow this blog, you know I had to keep it stylish. 


When planning a trip, ensure that you are paying as equal attention to your outfit picks as your budget,walk with an emergency med-kit just in case, and remember that adapting the change will take a few hours to days for some... until next time xx Menellia