Revolutionizing Women's Period With Thinx

No one likes to talk about it. I mean seriously? What's so pleasurable about the menstrual blood flow of a woman...and every month by that? Well it's a fact of life and beautiful one at that.It's  a total super power in fact. I once heard a a saying that women are the strongest of beings because they bleed for 5 days and still don't die.....

come to think of it I am not too sure this story ended well for the person who started it..

As women we are constantly faced with challenges in life. Gender equality, being branded as home owners,trying to compete with of male counterparts,child bearing "which I imagine is a very beautiful but challenging experience", and then... there is the monthly visit from the 'YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT FAIRIES + their mini fairies (cramps)' ONCE A MONTH...

You know that i'm talking about menstruation right?? 

As a overly self concious women " my the ocd queen", before Thinx, and before tampons, I absolutely hated wearing pads or maybe we can pretty up the word  for the sake of the internet and use the word "sanitary napkins". They are bulky, uncomfortable, and DISGUSTING. Yes, I used to think my monthly dew drops were disgusting especially up against my very own vagina. In addition to that, they are accident prone and honestly they caused me major insomnia because I used to be so  afraid of messing up my bed, and barely slept like a log stuck in one place for 6 hours until dawn broke. Until I discovered tampons of course... gruesome site eh. 

The technology behind period related products has been growing slowly but surely. From Tampons, to menstrual cups to now period panties by Thinx,women now have the chance for more comfort during the rainy days of blood. What's more amazing than a period-proof underwear that protects you from leaks and keeps you feeling dry? Maybe the fact that they are also re-usable?What did you just turn up your face and did a jaw drop? 

Now if this interested you, you probably watched this entire video with that same jaw dropped face in amazement..or disgust, but here's the thing. It's tried and proven.. and a slight TMI.. I am currently wearing it this very moment. You may ask yourself, well why would you want to bother with the hassle of washign out your own blood every day when you can just toss it into the waste basket?

  • Sustainability - Think about it. It's liek using a crayon. A weird analogy but true. Unlike a marker, a crayon is used until it it finished. 90% less waste. 
  • Supporting  Women & Young Gilrs In Other Parts The World - Thus giving them a fair chance at life & it's awaiting adventures. 
  • More comfort. Nothing beats comfort. AGAIN... NOTHING BEATS COMFORT!!

You might still have the monthly pains, but at least get the comfort you deserve during that time with Thinx Period Panties. Oh and By the way...the styles are super sexyyyyyy. Do you see that high waist period panty I am rocking?. Do you #knowyourflow?

Lets have a girl chat in the comment section below. Until next time xx Menellia