Things I'm Letting Go Of This Year - Journal Entry



With January almost at the brink of being over, I must admit that the year started off on a fanatastic note. Because I chose to have it this way. Whilst my vacation was coming to an end  in Decmeber & I was about leaving my parisian home, I had a real deep self reflection moment. That last week was eye opening andmade me realise that I had been really angry & distracted during the latter half of 2016. And the one thing it stemmed from was the environment I was in,which by the way I allowed to influence my mental train...

It was just super negative &  I admit... I Got Caught Up.. 

During that last week I relaly let go & embraced life fully.. & it will be one of the best memories I will hold. I realise that I was not fully happy & my charisma was lacking. The real Menel, was slipping away & I was able to catch it in the nic of time before it was too late. Surrrounding myself with the right people including my family was what I needed. I needed a change in scenery & just allow myself to live. FULLY. 

Every new years eve for the past 3 or so years, I spend it at home;just reflect & pray and be grateful. I have done the wild party nights "which I forgot about the following morning",but as I began to "" I guess so did I. But this year was different. Not only did I stay indoors like I normally did, but I have never prayed so much in my life. I just wanted to be grateful & ask God for some SERIOUSSSSS POSITIVE guidance during the year.

I think that with the right mindset I will be able to focus all my energy,& channel all my efforts towards the right things. Towards attracing the righ tpeople, and the right endevours and continur growing without any negativity lingering over my shoulder,because The number 1 thing i'm letting go this year is toxicity. Has it been working..INDEED. Wil I keep it up, you bet your sweet ass I will. 

I think when we rid our "vortex" with all negative energy,we alllow all that we truly want to flow in.Without distractions. Have you decided what you're letting go of this year?Let's have a chat inthe comments section & as always 

Until next time.xx Menellia