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The Look For Less

Original Full Outfit Cost USD 1,195, want it? Well let's get it. Minimal office attire is the best way to stand out professionally & in a classy way, & Diane Von Furstenburg is the epitome of classy when it comes to women. With her always ready to weae contemporary fashion pieces which corporate woman wouldn't want to dabble into the line. But for some even classy Ms. Diane can be unaffordable, but then again that's the purpose of fashion; to be an inspirational source to finding your own style. Take the above outfit for example, a perfect ready to wear simple ensemble from a mix of  brands, Dianne, Vince & Malone Souliers. The cost though is over $1,000 usd. However; I want to recreate it and with my every resourceful mind I will. For the lady who loves simple elegance at the day job, here ar e my optional choices for picking. 

the look for usd$193

The Look For USD 292

Happy Shopping.. xx Menellia