Do You Possess The Girl Code

The girl code

And no my darlings, it does not pertain to you dating your best friend's ex, but more so development of self. In this millennial era, I believe that every woman should take this avenue of self development very seriously. From mastering important soft skills which by the way you will need for survival in today's world, to dreaming the grandest dreams. 

The girl code

In my teens, my sole focus was getting straight A's and being the top of the class, yes I was a geek and proudly so. But in all fairness, the social upbringing I experienced call for that. However, when I began to dream in my mid 20's I dreamt BIG!! Like SUPER HUGE DREAMS and I went hard at them!! Did I succeed, majority of the time.But I also failed, and guess what, I never let that failure keep me down. This is the girl code!! 

The girl code is the  willingness  and zeal to be successful in all that you set your heart out to achieve, whilst maintaining your sanity after failing a few times. Because guess what, failure is part of the equation. A huge part of it by the way. It's what gives you the continuous drive you will need from the lessons you will learn. It's what makes stronger, more brilliant and hungrier to succeed even more.

The girl code

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And just an FYI...the girl code does include girls, or female for that matter "hence the name".Women have been striving for success and equality for as long as I could have breathed. Even longer. And they still are in some parts of the world "the equality portion". But in a society which centers around everyone always trying to one up the other, it's amazinghow we all remain sane & driven.. Or are we even. An equal part of the success equation is teamwork. Working together and building each other up.It requires the possession  of success habits stemmed from guiding & motivating others committment to what you do and sharing some of that maternal instinct we all somehow posess "be it we are mommies or not". 

And if you are really keen to embracing that self development , start with this post on success habits. 

xx Menellia