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Taking Account Of Your Progress Helps You Succeed

Taking Account Of Your Progress Helps You Succeed

When you truly want something,all the universe conspires to help you get it.
— P.Coehlo

photo credit - Carol Vaziri


Last night after recording my podcast episode "about being passion drven in your business",I whipped out my journal and started writing out exactly what I wanted in my life & business. Now to be super clear I already know  exactly what that is,but sometimes it's a great reminder to put in pen to paper again. Plus it's a super effective idea generator & It continues to solidify your goals,gives you more clarity on what action steps to take and thensome.Have you ever had a moment where you were laying on peacefully on your bed,and your thoughts start to flow? You beging to drawout a ideal situation,and ideal lifestyle, "like you waking up in a beautiful high ceilinged windowed apartment in the Saint Germain district of paris,golden sunlights greets you with happiness every mornign and the frensh sirens no longer osund annoying but gives you assurance that you are actually living here? "maybe that's just me". lol

The point is,evey step we take every day brings us closer to our goals. Not just in life but in our businesses. And it's super imperative to take account of how far we've gotten from time to time. This allows you to realise what's not working,what your current strtuggles are,what do you need to shift in your action plan in order to get you to the next step and the next step..And even though it might feel frustrating at some point because you may feel that "nothing isn't working", you have to realise that where you were yesterday is not where you are today. There was a change "and as my positive driven mindset won't allow me to use the wrong word,there is no such things as failure."

Think about it for a minute. Take something you wanted to gian last week which did not manifest.What happened?What did you do that didn't work?What did you learn?What cna you do differently? See where i'm going with this. You got one step closer to the goal,regardless of the outcome "ideal or not".

Creating your abundant life will also come with the bumps and turns. That's how life operates. But sometimes,these bumps occur in order to get you the exact point you NEED  to be.Not where you WANT to be,but where you NEED to be.

Today really take the time to give an account of your "goal progress".Ask yourself

  1. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT?What would your ideal outcome be?

  2. Then ask yourself WHAT SPECIFICALLY HAVE YOU DONE SO FAR & Identify what's working and what's not

  3. Then,ask WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE from here on out.

It's good to identify your progressive markers,take account of your strategies and revamp them..And keep doing so until you find the right one.The one which works for YOU.

TAKE ACTION AND COMMIT.The universe only works if YOU DO

Need a progress journal?Download my free abundance planner right here,and let's continue to creat emassive shifts in your life.

Until next time.. xx Menellia

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