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Storage Hacks That Will Declutter Your Life and Space

Storage Hacks That Will Declutter Your Life and Space

Decluttered homes can significantly decrease your stress level, boost your productivity and improve your mental clarity. On the other hand, unorganised ones can consume a lot of your energy and make you more irritable and stressed. By applying just a few simple hacks, you can easily transform your home into a more comfortable and clutter-free living space.


Kitchen Storage Hacks

Having an organised kitchen is quite important, especially if you spend a lot of time cooking and dining there. Not only will a clutter-free kitchen help you get around better, but it will also be a cleaner and healthier environment. Here are some simple storage hacks you can apply.

  •   You can use mason jars to store dry food in order to organise your pantry better.
  •  A magazine rack can be a perfect holder for pot lids. Since they can’t be easily stacked, this is a great solution for organising them.
  • Keeping your spices in magnetic containers on a fridge is both practical and decorative.
  • You can easily organise your drawers by using plastic dividers or old cereal boxes.
  • Dividing your fridge into food zones (dairy products, veggies, leftovers, etc.) is the key to an organised fridge. 

Organised Bathroom


Instead of piling products that you never use, declutter your bathroom with just a few steps. If you have a small bathroom, you can make some room by opting for some of the following storage solutions.

  • If you don’t have enough space for keeping bathing products in the shower, hang them in a metal fruit basket next to the shower curtains.
  • You can use mason jars as storage canisters and hang them on a wooden plank.
  • Stick-on storage containers can be used for almost everything! They come in various shapes and sizes and can be placed inside your medicine cabinet. They are perfect for keeping make-up or nail polish.

Order in the Living Room


The living room is usually where families spend most of their time, so it needs to be organised in order to have a cosy and warm atmosphere. Here’s what you can do.

  • Velcro is a perfect solution for storing remote controls in your living room.
  • Keep the cords out of sight by having a charging station. You can use a toilet paper rolls, decorate them and store the cords inside.
  • Transform a wooden magazine rack into a stylish corner shelf for storing keys, change or bills.
  • Add a lovely seat, or a window bench with a hidden storage compartment.
  • Create a hinged built-in wall cabinet where you can hide CDs, chargers, magazines, etc.

Clutter-Free Bedroom


If you want a spacious and comfortable bedroom, then decluttering it will help you achieve your goal. If your bedroom is small, you don’t need to take down walls to make it bigger, but just use some of these space saving tricks.

  •  You can place shelves on your bedroom walls. This will add a lot of free space that you can use for storing books, decoration details and other items.
  • Not only will a headboard look stylish, but it will save up a lot of space if you use it as a hidden storage compartment.
  • When it comes to your clothes, you can use numerous space saving solutions, including shower curtain rings for storing tank tops, scarves, belts, or ties; a stylish clothing rack for storing clothes; or wall hooks for clothes, accessories and shoes.
  •  Jewelry can be stylishly displayed on a cork board or pegboard.
  • Create an illusion of space by covering shelves with sliding mirrors.


Additional Tips and Tricks

You can significantly improve the quality of your life by organising your home and creating a more pleasant living environment. Even the simplest tricks, such as folding sheets and keeping them inside the matching pillowcases or using a wine rack as a towel holder, can make a difference. However, storing items away in your home is just a temporary solution. Therefore, you should consider opting for a mobile storage for storing seasonal clothes or your kids’ toys that have a sentimental value. This way, you can make a lot of free space in your house, while still keeping the items that are important to you.

Living in a clean and organised home will make your life much easier and satisfying. With just a few simple steps, you can completely transform your home into a motivating environment. 

xx Stacey

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