On The Brink

Seeing that I have created a new site over on Menellia Valcent, I feel like the majority of my personal stories are being infused over there, and less on here. On the brink of a new season,a new chapter in my life, I feel  a great change is coming. A Positive Change! 

In the coming new quarter and months, I have planned to share a bit more personal stories on here alongside my style posts, and lifestyle posts.I have also planned to take on new projects and grow this platform into something much more amazing. I feel like I have been under utilizing and not paying much attention as I would love to, to it....

It took me one year to solidify this decision as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed juggling the blog work life....especially seeing that I manage two, plus a personal development podcast! Trust me it's quite a handful!!! But when I created this site, I had a vision, and then a created a mission and purpose for it. Which remains the same "you can read on that in my about page". 

I have taken my office area out of my bedroom and turned my spare bedroom into a new office space which has in fact improved my focus and productivity.That I will be sharing with you soon. I would love to work with more brands and other up and coming bloggers to create a greater impact and positive influence.

In the coming weeks marks a new chapter of growth, and more success stories & I would love to have you with me on this journey. "We may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated" M.Angelou!I can't wait to see what this new journey has to offer!!!


 xx Bisous