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Cute Street Style Hairstyles from Australia

Cute Street Style Hairstyles from Australia

When it comes to hair, it is safe to say that Australian girls really got it going on. As the climate can more often than not be their best friend, these girls can rock beachy waves and messy low buns, the works. Here, we have made a selection of the cutest street style dos, and to make things sweeter, you will also find easy and quick ways to do them, so you too can be the epitome of Australian beauty.

The Shape Shifter

Number one on the list of the most adorable and laid-back hairstyles is the long bob, or lob, as it is now known. The reason why this hairstyle deserves the shape shifter title is because of its ability to be transformed into many different yet equally gorgeous dos. You can use a hair straightener if you wish to wear it sleek and shiny.

Image Source

Image Source

However, if you want to ooze the relaxed, surfer chill summer vibe, even when the summer is long gone, you can always resort to hair curlers and wands to get those subtle effortless-looking waves. Furthermore, if you get tired of always wearing your hair down, this length allows you to play with messy low buns, half buns, you name it. And here you will find not one, but four different ways of achieving the coveted soft wave look.

She Bangs She Bangs

When Ricky Martin sang this song almost decades ago, he must have had girls with bangs in mind. Bangs can be an intimidating move to make, however, when nurtured and styled in the right way, they add the air of cute, intertwined with mysterious, to your entire look and personality.

Just look at Tara and you will realize how much you need bangs in your life. With properly styled bangs with the occasional help of hair curlers or a flat iron, the rest of your hair is free to be straight, messy and semi-wavy, or tied in a high ponytail – Ariana Grande style. Each hairstyle cuter than the other.

Step Over to the Blonde Side

The sun, the beaches, the warm breeze, it all just seem to scream blonde! Blond hair, in warm caramel and honey hues, but also colder ash and grayish tones is the way to go.

trending hairstyles in australia 4.jpg

If you are afraid of going all blonde, take a page out of Gigi Hadid’s beauty rule book, and start with balayage or ombre. This way, you can keep your brunet roots but flirt with blondness as well. A win-win. Balayage is totally adorable, and it also adds the illusion of volume and texture to your hair, so it always looks luscious. Center-parted hair is so in right now, so whether you want your golden locks straight or curly, center parting is the perfect choice.

The Dark Chop

If you are not willing to part ways with your dark hair, that is totally fine too. When it comes to brunets and girls with dark-chocolate to black hair, a straight chop is the do of the season.

Xiaohan, who is one of Australia’s most respected street style photographers, wears this style so well. The perks of this chop is that, with the right outfit and accessories, it can go from polished and professional to cute and laidback in a nanosecond.

Accessorize ‘till You Drop

Hair bands, head scarfs, fedoras, hats, bejeweled hairbands – nothing adds more character to your hairstyle than accessories. Whether you are into messy top-knots (braided are hot right now) or you want to rock that bed hair, a narrow pin-up looking head scarf or even hairclips will add a whole new dimension of cuteness and style to your overall look.

Which is your favourite? xx Elise

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