Water's Edge

I've had a super tiring week, and past 24 hours, but in keeping with my schedule I needed to post something today; so I chose to keep it simple and do a time-lapse photo kinda post. A few weeks back ...two to be precise., I turned an uneventful Sunday afternoon into a beautiful one... see pics hellllo... Actually, now that I remember exactly how this happened, I had been seeing this FACE BAKE (I think that's the term being used) and Strobing floating around on my timeline on Instagram (Follow Me Here), and wanted to try it out... I am all about the makeup, don't get me wrong.. but but but... personally it was too much.. I felt a bit claustrophobic under my own powder...which is a weird statement in itself.

Anywhos....my brother came around and was like "Hey, are you really NOT gonna go out all weekend?" And I was like " uhh yea".. Then the words happy hour ended up in the conversation somewhere and that was the end..... Location Rodney Bay Marina Saint Lucia..

Look at those ripples...