We're Jealous Of Mythical Creatures..

Am I wrong to call them mythical creatures? Maybe probably but for fancy language aesthetic I couldn't resist. It does add an air of "je n'ais c'est quoi" non? 

But this post is really just to bring forth the luxed up quality of living we are all craving stemming from hours of time downpour on social media accounts we admire. Yes "culprit here"...But is it truly luxe? It is it truly "non-fiction"? 

Well society has a way of sucking us in with it's enchanted siren call... you know like sailors in the ocean yearning for some touch...but are you biting? Are you being hypnotized into believing that this is what "quality of living" is truly about? 

Well, I for one have experienced it and I can tell you first hand how much I responded to that call.... it felt good.. but it also felt ....unreal.. You get off the boat, jump into the sea only to really find out that it's not just all buttercups & meadows...or maybe the correct term is "sunshine & rainbows". But unicorn farts also sounds appealing... 

Raise The Quality Of Life.jpg

True Quality Of Life Is Defined By YOU!! 

How do you want your life to look like, feel like, sound like, taste like?? It's ok, for our dear sirens to enjoy their sweet cup of sea, but what about you? What do you truly desire? Maybe you're not all fancy Lamborghini & infinity pool life. That's nice too. But maybe you truly desire and ENJOY lovely days by the seaside, or months in the mountains, or cafe people gazing in the beautiful streets of Paris...or eating fries every other day "like me"

It all depends on you. But unless you define what your quality of living looks like, you may find yourself easily being sucked into the siren calls of say..."the social luxe life".

With much love... xx Menellia