3 Parisian Instagrammers To Inspire You

If you've frequent this blog, by now you'd know of my obsession with french. French architech,french wines, french everything & I love stalking french bloggers on instagram. "well not really stalking lol" but I find that there's a certain charm that I love from their feeds. The somewhat quintessential air the backdrop of haussman buildings gives, makes it almost too perfect to be real. It's like  Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose immediately starts playing in my head whenever I see anything "parisian" related and i've had the chance to personally experience that feeling a few times..its a reallly wonderful feeling.Now before I  get carried away into lala lands here are 3 grammers with really cool instagram feeds I frequently visit & maybe you can gain some inspiration from.

Carin Olsson the swedish photographer I love made her plans of moving to Paris after a short visit. "hello same story". Her account I stumbled upon almost 3 years ago when I first started gaining an interest in all things parisian and to date I am not disappointed. What I love about her feed is that every image tells a story,and not just a random posting, which is what Instagram should be all about by the way if you're trying to grow your brand.I love the clean crisp photos she shares especially with her architechtural/fashion blogger theme. What I love most about her account is her stories and even though it is made up of 100 shots, I ALWAYS find the time to enjoy it. 

Another photographer who's feed I lovee because it's funnn.. simple yet fun is Cristina's. When she's not sharing shots of  famous parisian architechture comme la tour eiffel, she's sharing her colorful breakfast of the day shots which usually comprises of fruit & flowers. I love when others share their back end stories and not just the edited world. Cristina's profile I came across whilst she ws on a trip in neighbouring caribbean isle guadeloupe & since then, my hearts frequent her page. 


Natural hair goddess Ursula provides me with hair goals. As a subscriber & frequent view of her YT channel,I find her personality to be quite collective & genuine.She never presents an overly done air,and remains calm even when filmng;like she's speaking to a best friend. I love that about her. Her profile a mix of natural hair & beauty products, outfits & all things parisian, she's future parisienne goals. 

There are more  accouts I draw inpspiration from daily but these are at the top of my list. Are there any instagrammers you love stalking...ishhh ..do share below & until next time xx Bisous