Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide For Him & Her

It's crunch time to christmas morning  & since Santa won't be bringing the big boys & girls any goodsies this year, and if you haven't picke dout that gift for that special someone i.e friend,girlfriend,wife, husband etc, it's ok to be late on the suprise a few days after. I mean afterall we're adults & the extra anticipation makes it all worth it. 

If you 've been stuck on what to get him or her this year, here's a quick last minute accesory gift guide to suit almost all interests. From books, to makeup, to gadgets, and jewellery.. relax and enjoy the last minute fun. If it's any consolation, how about wrapping up a nice card with a cute little love note and an "I Have SomethingSpecial For You On The Way" until "the day of said arrival". I'm sure it would extract a smile. 

Unto the guide.