Impossible Is Just Another Big Word



"You Either Win Or You Learn"


Well well well, February has skipped along into our lives, and for some this is surrounded by the word NEW. New goals, new adventures, new dreams etc.. But for me, I am embracing it as a continuation of my 2017 chapter, which has been flipping awesome pages.

First & foremost, this year truly started with a BANG. And I want to elaborate on that just a bit, but I want to make note of a few phrases I've been hearing "across the town". A few persons i'm associated with have been so happy that 2016 is OVER because it just wasn't their year. I imagine for some it might have been painful, some it might have been just too overwhelming and some just didn't see the growth they wanted in both their live & their business. So they gave up trying to make it better. And then came January.

A month of lessons and growth. January was a month of self reflection for me and I have spent the last 31 days really focusing on ME. On my goals, both on a personal and business level and putting in place measures that will lead me to my must reach destination. It was hard, it was challenging, but every day I committed and remained consistent it got BETTER. It IMPROVED & I continue to GROW. I think that when you really want something you need to be relentless,committed, consistent in order to see the growth that you want to see. Which was one of my biggest lessons learned in 2016. I want you to relaly take a moment to answer this question. Did you grow during the month  of January? Did you take the time to really give effort to achieving your goals past the first 15 days? Or have you given up or changes your direction?

Knowing exactly what we want in life is the key to living abundantly & creating the abundance we desire. Willing to make the decisions to take action to the creation of that abundance is the second key. And actually committing to those actions is the third. Because it IS POSSIBLE. It is possible to raise your standards. It is possible to embrace your value and it's definitely possible to succeed in 2017. Ask yourself the right questions and lay out the right action steps, the right foundation and execute them. Make your dreams possible by taking the first step... and know this "there is no ideal time". There will never be an ideal time.


If you takeaway one key piece of information from this post is to know that "impossible is just a big made up word. break it down and you will derive 2 smaller more palatable words - I'm Possible". That being said, whilst you are reading this,, know that 2017 is yours to claim and no one can take the power of making that decision from you. Manifest your dreams & Create your abundant life. And to give you a head start, get this starter pack or request a complementary strategy session with me. Let's lay out what your current mental blocks are and figure out ways to help you erradicate them Because YOUR POSSIBLE is waiting.

As always, until next time xx Menellia