Using Affirmations!

Well well, 2016 has finally started and excited for what it holds is an understatement, 2 days in and I have been busy busy creating new content & products for It's been chaotic, well not really, but quite rewarding and productive actually. This morning when I woke up I was supposed to go to the beach at 7 a.m, but then I thought, hmm why not play princess, & enjoy this moment for a few hours & of course "10 hours ago fresh white fabric softener smelling sheets went onto this bed". So I prepared me a cup of cappuccino because of the coffee addict that I am,some crackers, and crawled right back in. 


Then I grabbed a book from my "shoe,shelf" and started re-reading page 2 of "365 Everyday Happy". Surprise Surprise & it read "Count small luxuries. Noticing how fortunate you are in so many diverse ways creates a sense of richness & well being in your life!! Noticed & appreciated small pleasures contribute hugely to your everyday Happiness!! "The universe is amazing isn't it. 😄❤😜


Of course I had to document this moment, because I want to relive it in 363 days, when I am opening my "Affirmation /Happy Jar" on New Years Eve, so I created a little surprise freebie for my lovely readers, because I want to hear all about your year come that time..Find Your Surprise Over HERE..