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How To Start Journaling

How To Start Journaling

There's something fun about seeing your ideas on paper, revisiting them and reminiscing on the exact moment of bliss. This is something I have been uber passionate about for a while now because it makes me believe that "I am a writer" lol & It clears my mind. 

Every day we are faced with so many different experiences, some great, some bad, but you want to be able to look back one day & remember them regardless of the category they fall in.You want to track your progress from then till now & remember the lessons. One of the best ways to do so is by journaling or documenting your thoughts with no edit. 

How to start journaling.

How do you begin journaling?

Quite simple & I'm going to lay out the steps for you.

  • Get a very beautiful journal to begin with. You can get some with pretty colors, patterns or inspirational words to help uplift your mood when you're ready to get into your zen space.
  • Prepare a spot in your room, living room, the edge of your bed just for this. Undisturbed. Your zen space.
  • When you're ready to begin writing, breath, relax and let your thoughts flow through the ink. 


It's important not editing out anything when writing because journal should be a true reflection of your emotions in the current state. You may feel inclined to cross over a word of two, just continue. There's a saying, we SAY what we MEAN, &  we MEAN what we SAY.  


Before you begin journaling, how about creating a fun challenge out of it. On your first page, you may write out a goal and use that journal to document the progress of achieving that goal. Or you may want to write out your emotions 10 days in a row and start a new series. Make it fun & not rigid, because it might end up becoming boring to you, especially if you're new at it.


Ok, so here's the super fun part. During weekly intervals, take some time out to revisit the week before. On a Sunday or Saturday morning maybe, or even when you're feeling down, brew yourself a nice cup of tea, get comfortable & read your past entries & reflect on them. If you're going through a growth process, try to see how you've grown since these entries. What has improved? That should put a smile on your face. 

Have you ever tried journaling?Do you enjoy it? What pattern is on your current journal? Let me know in the comment section below & as always. 




xx Bisous. Menellia 

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