How To Shoot & Edit Your Photos For Your Instagram & Blog + Apps To Use.

One of the biggest struggles as a blogger is finding the perfect spot to photo shoot our outfits away. For me that's just one. The second is finding a photographer who is willing to put up with my "creative insights" when I am not at the office. Which essentially is one of the reasons why I opened this platform up to more contributions and less me posts. If you're having trouble mixing up your frames,making the background for your photos not blend in with you,or maximixing your locations, here are a few tips. 


An easy peasy way of mixing up your instagram content & blog content is use of flatlays. Especially when you can't shell out that perfect outfit post for your audience to gush at or purchase from said retailer. Of course, ensuring that your page remains crisp & on brand point is a must. A few things you can use are foam core boards as I do in many of my posts or something with texture. The cover of a woodgrain storage box, or the wrapping paper from a package,a plate, a very random serving tray ,wallpaper of different textures, or the famous faux fur rug. 


Of course, if you're a fashion blogger your main aim is to market that outfit. Find a location that is clean,and makes your outfit stand out, as opposed to blending in;like contrasting colors or a white fence. Shoot multiple shots in said space, that way,you can reuse the photos for a period of time. A few places you can use are your corporate office space,on errand runs in the street "randomly of course when noones looking",coffee shops, or random buildings in your vicinity. You want to maximise every opportunity you have so that you don't have to wait to get dressed up specifically for posts shoot. One tip..always dress with the intention of taking a shot. #bloggerwoes


The famous long legs posts. This is my signature post simply because I have a hard time finding a photographer on call"on call". Many of my instagram photos are of my bottom half and I love that it gives some form of curiosity of "what is she wearing overall". It ties in nicely with my feed & it gives it some character.One major key to remember is to always try to shoot in natural light, that way you limit the editing time & overall editing of a photo.

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How to edit

In my instagram engagement course I touch base on a few tools you can use to edit your photos should you need to retouch. Of course the key here is to keep the authenticity but add a bit of pizzaz. I love using snapseed because it very simple to use & edits almost flawlessly. One of my favourite tools on the app is the selective tool & I use it mostly to brighten certain areas of a photo especially white backgrounds. This helps make the photo stand out, yet blend in with my theme, but at the same time retain the sharpness & realness of any darker portions. Another cool feature I love using is the ambiance tool for adding that extra color boost to the entire image.


When editing "editorial photos i.e for your website" there are only 2 tools I use to touch up. Adobe Photoshop Express & PhotoScape which is kinda similar but better. With Adobe Photoshop Express,the key is to ensure that the clarity of the photo is good enough for website quality as well as bright enough. Which is why I use the exposure & clarity features most. Often times,because of the way I layout my photos "vertically", I transfer this to photoscape and add each photo to a page. What I really love about photoscape is that there are sooooo many features available. Creation of GIFs, the ability to change the size of your photos or the shape,creating lens blurs and so many more features too numerous to mention.Both these apps I demonstrate how to use in the Instagram Engagement Course, or you can download them right unto your desktop & try them  out..#freebies


Why I think these are really helpful tools. They are beginner friendly,and they help you maintain the overall aesthetic of both your blog & your instaram account. As a blogger you want to market yourself as a pro and the number one thing you must learn is the art of resourcefulness. Do you have any photo  tips for bloggers?Let's share below.



Until Next Time

xx Menellia