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How To Effectively Set & Achieve Your Smart Goals This Year

How To Effectively Set & Achieve Your Smart Goals This Year


There is nothing more rewarding  than setting & achieving a goal for yourself especially if you work really hard for it. "except of course a lovely hot cappucinno". As the year begins, we all have set in place certain dreams, goals, resolutions in for tackling this year. And normally by the 3rd week of the year, someof use tend to forget all about it. "guilty-i've done it too".But how do you ensure that you really focus on the outcome of getting to that finish mark without pausing for a few months? There are 3 key pillars of setting effective goals I love to follow & maybe you too will be able to benefit from it. Maybe this is your best year yet,but have you set the right stage?


From experience, I am firm believer that anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it. But in order to continuously focus of your goals, they need to be real and a true reflection of you and what YOU want. At the end of this guide, I hope that you will take away some invaluable tips required for effective goal attainment, and most importantly, implement them into your current process. 




1- Paying attention to your Motivational drivers.

Have you ever embarked unto a journey only to realise halfway through that you don't even know why you bothered with it in the first place?We all have. A free course,a workshop,a blog.....it's common & it's ok. The first key to effectively setting the right goals for focu sis to identify your motivational drivers. "What's propelling you to start this task?Why are you setting this goal?" Taking the time out to understand what the real motive behind you setting a goal will determine whether or not you should embark upon it. Get to the nitty gritty & break it down. Am I really doing this for me? Or am I doing this because "I feel like I have too,or someone is influencing me".


2. The implementation phase.

Of course with results there should be some form of action step.A plan.A Map. A guiding process as to how you go about getting ot that outcome. Theimplementation phase for everyone is different.Some persons rather having a journal/planner,an electronic scheduler for mapping out action steps or vision boards for guidance. All of these I myself utilise. Having a set plan, further broken down into action plans gives you a structure for moving from one step to the next. If you don't have a map, steps or a plan to reach your goals, the chances of you achieving them or working towards achieving them are slimmer. Remember "direction brings results".


3 - Overcoming setbacks.

The final step is coming across setbacks & how to deal with them effectively. We all have our own lives seperate from "achiving goals" and sometimes we will be faced with a facade at some point;which by the way might present itself in the form of overwhelm or a tragedy or something. How to do you deal with it  & how to you move forward? Bearing in mung that you have ensured that your driver is important & specific to you & you have great reasoning behind it,it will be easier for you to derive your next step should you be faced with this ordeal. By being innovative & creative with ways to overcome them will help you move forward. Try looking at your setbacks as a learning opportunity. Ask yourself, what can I learn from this?What can I do differently from now on.Breaking down the setback into micro pieces will help you piece together a better way forward & that way, you can ensure that it isn't repeated as a cycle. 

As you know your goals should be SMART- Specific to who you are and what you want,Measurable - you must be able to anticipate what it will feel like when you achieve that goal. The emotion. Attainable- Do you have resources needed to achieve that goal? Or are you going to create them. Relevant - Is it really tailored to you, your values, your personality?. And Time bound - Can you set a deadline and stick to it!! I have put together a bonus workbook & a goal setting planner to help you really redefine & identify your goals as SMART ones for 2017. If you're really into executing the ones you've already set then that's super awesome. However,if you're doubtful or questioning a few,here's your chance to revisit them before getting started.

Challenge Yourself With This Bonus Guide & Planner

And always,until next time xx Menellia

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