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Do You Know How To Protect Your Office Floors?

Do You Know How To Protect Your Office Floors?

How to protect your office floors

People are attracted to hardwood floors because of their durability; due to the fact that they are convenient for cleaning and; of course, because of their natural beauty. Your office is probably equipped with a rolling chair and these tend to compromise the health of hardwood floors, in terms of dents and scratches, so protecting it as soon as it is installed is of utmost importance if you want your office floor to retain its freshness. The solution here is to either never roll in your rolling chair (which is borderline impossible and incredibly frustrating) or to provide proper protection for your floor.


Check Your Chair

The prime source of damage, office chairs will definitely harm floors, if you don’t take precautionary steps. First of all, check the casters, or wheels on your chair – they are probably particularly hard – either made from hard nylon or plastic. This type of wheels will put dents and scratches onto your hardwood floors over time, so replacing them with a softer alternative is the way to go. Think about installing alternatives, such as urethane, rubber and neoprene. If this is a bit of a bother to you, you can try a simpler solution, such as placing a layer of duct tape around the wheels in order to lessen their impact on the floor.


Rugs and Chair Mats

Another solution (although we do recommend swapping your chair casters in any case) would be to purchase a chair mat. This will completely prevent the floor damage, but only around the area where the chair mat is located. The downside of this solution is that it’s somewhat restrictive – you’ll still have to constantly think about rolling within the limits of the mat, which tends to be frustrating. If you move your chair in wider space, a larger area rug is a solid solution. Try getting woven rugs, these will do the job just fine. Plastic mats are always an option, but should a piece of debris get stuck between the mat and the chair casters, the damage is likely to ensue.


Finishes and Coating

Modern surface finishes are durable, water-resistant and don’t require too much maintenance, which makes this the best (and usually an obligatory) solution for your hardwood flooring. These blends of synthetic resin will definitely help you improve your floor protection, but should be used in addition to the previously mentioned precautionary measures, just to be safe. Oil-modified urethane is among the most common choices and is easy to apply; however, this finish tends to amber with age, so you’ll probably have to apply it on a relatively regular basis. Moisture-cured urethane is a more durable option and, in addition to being water-resistant, it is a valid form of protection for your office floor from other sources, such as liquids. Opting for a concrete sealer is a less-known, although equally good (if not the best) choice. It is liquid-resistant and, therefore, a fantastic option.  It should be mentioned that lacquer is definitely not a good solution (it is not recommended by a majority of manufacturers) and should, therefore be avoided!



This solution is effective, but it isn’t the best-looking or the most durable option. If the only thing you care about is protecting your office floor, simply make sure that you change the piece of cardboard regularly and you’re good to go. On the another hand, cardboard protection is temporary in most cases (waiting for your chair mat or rug to be delivered). Although by far the cheapest solution (you are bound to have a large piece of cardboard somewhere within the office or at home), placing cardboard underneath your office chair is a risky and a frustrating means of floor protection. Additionally, depending on your floor surface, the friction caused by the chair-cardboard combo may put scratches onto your hardwood floor. Our advice: use this only as a temporary solution.

Although applying some form of protection for office floors should go without saying, many businessmen expect that the fact that they paid a whole lot for their hardwood floors means that they are durable by nature. This is a common misconception and you should, in fact, use a combination of the mentioned methods. Invest in a durable finish, order a chair mat or a rug and use a large piece of cardboard while waiting for your chosen type of floor protection to be delivered.

xx Alex

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