How to get published on the huffington post

how to get published on huffington post

For almost every blogger, especially new ones, getting publish on The Huffington Post is at the top of the priority list. Why? One word, credibility. Getting published by a top online "magazine, blog etc", is every blogger's dream. It builds their credibility, gains them some exposure & it's a feeling of accomplishment to an extent on the "online blogosphere". But is it really worth it & how should you go about getting on there? Huffington post is an online platform, hosting stories and articles from seriousness to let's have a laugh. From Politics to Style.. everything you can ever imagine. I remember one of my goals for the year was to become a contributor to a major online publication.

And I chose HuffPo. Why, because at the time, to me it meant that I had achieved another milestone in my "writing" career. With millions of readers, it would gain me some exposure, I could add it to my publication resume, et al. But did it all work out as I imagine. To some extent yes, and to some extent no. I never gained the exposure I thought I would get (a.k.a. traffic to my blog), & it was time consuming. At the same time, it made me realise the potential I had allowed me to focus more on my blog & blog consulting business. 

What has changed? In all honesty, I know exactly what the feeling of excitement feels like when I see a new blogger ask the question in a Facebook group. "Hey Guys, I'm thinking of applying to write for the Huffington Post. How do I go about doing it?". And I respond because it's a genuine feeling. It's filled with excitement & nervousness, because they have no idea what the response will be or what the journey will be like. But at the same time, juggling 3 blogs, plus my job, plus my life is a lot to handle. Plus, you don't really get that much exposure from HuffPo unless you market your ass off!! "Which is out of my time budget at the moment". Plus... the same effort you put into writing and marketing for an external platform can also be put into your own blog. Hence, the feeling has faded. I get more excited publishing on my own blogs. So here are my tips.


Who should write for HuffPo

  • Anyone who does not want the hassle of maintaining their own blog, but loves writing. Although you kinda sorta have your own blog on the platform.
  • New bloggers who want to build their credibility a bit in the online world. It takes time, & effort, & it's an additional plus to your blogging career.

How should you apply?

Simple, just send Arianna Huffington herself and email, sit back & wait for a response.. Just be yourself, be relaxed and be confident.And if you need a sneak, here's the exact sample of the email  I used to apply. 


Will I continue my contribution? Not at this point but maybe soon. I think I will be publishing maybe once a quarter on my huffington post blog, but for now, my focus will remain on my own platform & my online business.

 If you are have been thinking of applying as a contributor, DO NOT let this post discourage you. By all means go right ahead. I know how much it means to you. Besides, it's a nice feeling. What did you think about this post? HuffPo ya y or HuffPo nay.. Let's chat about it in the comments section. Until next time.. a bientot... xx Bisous Menellia