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How to Enjoy Privacy in Your Backyard

How to Enjoy Privacy in Your Backyard

How to enjoy your backyard

Fences and tall brick walls won’t do the trick in your backyard if you want to avoid being obnoxious about it. And yet, privacy is something hugely treasured nowadays. Even within our own homes, we feel as if the Big Brother’s eye was watching us and a couple of curious glimpses into your backyard are enough to make you feel like you’re being watched. We’ve devised this list with subtle privacy in mind for your yard.

Getting Started

So, as already mentioned, large brick walls and fences are somewhat of a no-go if you want to stay on your neighbors’ good side. Now, privacy screens, pergolas and wood slat partitions will provide you with an amount of privacy, but going with plants is even better – the place is outside, after all! With this in mind, think bamboo, a hedge barrier, or arbor or trellis, if you’re into more decorative stuff. Finally, grapevines and climbing vines are valid choices.


Artistic Decorative Panels & Arched Trellis

Well, privacy screens do tend to look boring and boring isn’t good for providing subtle cover, which is why artistic decorative panels are a good way to go!Not every house can enjoy not being overshadowed by a nearby building, especially in a city. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to own a rooftop of a city building with a garden, chances are that anybody who lives in the neighboring buildings will be able to be up in your business. Well, arched trellis are a great choice – sloped towards the top, they are great for city gardens and yards.



An Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace will present a physical privacy barrier in your yard, but without being obvious, seeing as this is not its primary use! Putting arborvitae trees around it will help provide a more natural cover, but be careful not to blatantly block off the entire view – keep in mind that you still are in a garden and feeling secluded and closed in here is pretty far from the point! Jasmine and ivy are great solutions for creating a partial partition for privacy!



On the previous note, providing partial privacy for your yard is a great way of making sure that it remains secluded, while still being open. However, if you prefer optional privacy, going with curtains is a legitimate thing to do. Like any other type of curtains, the ones that are installed in backyards are moveable – especially beneficial for your pergola!


Don’t Use Ordinary Materials

Nothing screams “Do not enter!” better than regular materials, such as brick, wood and stone. Unless you really dislike your neighbors or do not care about the way you approach your privacy, opt for bamboo as your desired material for the popular Asian feel.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Neutral

Ordinary materials and neutral things aren’t the same thing. Even if your yard is excellently conceptualized, installing things such as waterproof shade sails is a good option. Mosquito nets can also provide you with privacy while protecting you from these nasty insects.


Green Walls

Vertical gardens work perfectly with your, well, garden! They will bring a ton of style into your backyard and provide you with just about enough privacy!


Know Your Limits

Now, if you have a limited amount of space at your disposal, you might not be able to apply some solutions from this list. Still, you can always use screens, canopies, large containers with flowers or vegetables and even umbrellas!

Being subtle about your yard’s privacy is extremely important if you care about your relationship with your neighbors. Everyone deserves their own peace of mind and sometimes people frown upon this, which is why being subtle about it, by using the given advice, is a win-win solution!


xx Diana


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