Setting achievable goals is easy, focusing and working on attaining them can be the difficult part, so in order to ensure that we first set truly attainable goals for ourselves, as well as ensure that they manifest into reality, I decided to create this practical e-guide for you my lovely readers. In this mini e-guide I share with you 3 key factors I paid attention to in order to achieve some of my most important goals over the last year. 

I truly believe from experience that if you properly set your goals, insert effort into them and pay attention to certain factors, you can achieve them. At the end of the guide, I hope that you will take away the invaluable key elements  required for effective goal attainment, and most importantly, implement them in your life and process. The next time you are deciding on what you truly want remember "

Stop dwelling on the things that didn't happen or aren't working in your life and start making the things that you want to happen... HAPPEN".

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