As I was prepping for work this morning, my mind automatically began switching into overdrive.. scheduling all my tasks whilst in the shower,  developing a step by step plan for achieving my days goals and I had to force myself to slow it down a bit sista... Then I started thinking about the previous week in review but not work related.. but more in terms of all the small accomplishments gained, of course all the min improvements and milestones reached. And it felt rewarding.. Last week was somewhat of an eye opener for me.. after reading a good bit of career advice posts, joined a webinar on the weekend and launching a NEW BLOGGERS PROJECT, which received great feedback .. I relaxed a little and smiled. 

How did feeling a bit overwhelmed and slightly depressed (not really but you know what I mean), turn around into something so fulfilling. By implementing everything I learnt during the past week of course. I immersed myself in a daily routine of reading posts from Career Girl Daily (which by the way is my new favourite blog), Learning from Regina, and doing something out of the box. I must say I was a bit hesitant in launching the project because I anticipated negative reception... Silly me.. So..If you have been feeling a bit unaccomplished, down.. and need some self motivation here's a snippet of my advice and inspiration source from the past week.. after all It's Motivation Monday RIGHT!!I love This page because of the daily motivational posts presented from beautiful women to beautiful women.. Access more here  CAREER GIRL DAILY 

But here are two of my Favourite Posts from last week

From The Alisha Nicole- Lifestyle Blogger I got the extra umph  and courage to propel myself a bit out of my comfort zone and launch my project. And I must say I am not one bit regretful.. what was I waiting for exactly? On Saturday she hosted a webinar  called Leap and Launch in order to help others like herself take that extra step. Recently discovered her and love that she uses her self as reference.

From By Regina I Learnt so much.. How to How To How To everything!!! Information upon information, which led me to reevaluate this site and revamp it a bit..create a business plan and decide where I wanted to go with this.. You know what .. I will just let you check her out.. because you are probably tired of reading by now.. 

So lovies.. if you need a little self evaluation or guidance to move forward, check out the above links, and enjoy. Let me know if any of them helped a bit..And HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEK!!!