Getting Ready For Work With The Airtime App

The best possible way to speed up your preparation time in the am is with music.. "that was funny right". Music actually slows down my #grwm time, BUT it does make the process a bit more fun. Some days i'm feeling afrobeats, some days french rap, some days 80's music. But lately I have been loving dubstep & house music in the am. My interest in the genre grew when I first discovered Majestic Casual's Youtube Chanel via one of Shirley B Eniang's video, and since then I've been super obsessed. 

Why, because it gives you access to a bunch of amazing new songs from up and coming artists, perfect for getting ready in the morning, winding down on evenings and more. But how fun would it be if you could invite your girlfriends to join the party. p peers to join the party with Airtime. A live streaming video chatting app perfect for sharing your getting ready moments with your posse. How amazing would it be if you could get your questions such as  "How does this outfit look look? Or should I wear red lipstick or pink today? answered directly?. Especially is your friends live a great distance apart. Snapchat & Instagram stories are great too, but conversations & relationship thickening are made best with airtime.I've put together  my getting ready playlist filled with some of my current favorite songs that I dance to every morning as I get ready for the 9 to 5.  What songs make up your morning jam session? Share them in the comment section below so that we can all check them out. Until next time... xx Bisous Menellia