Potpourri + Free Styled Photo Pack


June has been a month of discovery for me for two reason. I now live alone and and have gotten some time to really focus on me and discovering a little outside of my norm & my social media days revolved mostly around liking photos without engagement as I spent majority of my days in my room but since the change I have become more social.. I should say.. 


A new fav of mine is my growing love of homeware items.. is that weird.. am I getting old.. "sidenote". I find myself buying cups and decorative sticks and more flowers than often.. more flowers.. I think that's a good thing.. And writing has become more passionate.. "did I mention that I have started writing a book..." insert smiley face. 


I also started re-reading Abraham Hicks' "Law Of Attraction", as I felt that I needed to realign my relationship with "the universe" or I should say "being positive", after falling off the grid a bit... And what's reading without a pair a new glasses. As it would seem my astigmatism has increased a bit so I needed to get a stronger prescription... remaining stylish..of course I went for bold framed Ralph Lauren's....


Speaking of stylish.. my binge shopping mode is back on as it's the time of sales, so I got a few things from Forever21 including a really cute pair of denim culottes and a striped button detailed long sleeved. I love stripes.. 


By the way.. I went on a binge stock photo taking session this morning,if you would like to snag a Free Potpourri Photo Pack of 15 styled images, you can DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT HERE...xx Menellia