February Lookbook & Playing Catch Up

I've been super over exerting myself lately, and  it showed a bit more this morning. If you haven't read my last newsletter, I spoke about attempting to do everything on my own  in such a short space of time. You can Read It Here. Sometimes we can get so wrapped in focus & getting things completed ASAP we forget to live it up a bit.. I have been working on my Online Coaching Business, Marketing,  Preparing for  Clarity Webinar" which I ended up having to push back a a few more weeks" launching my online Clarity Course, plus working a 9-5 , and then some.....and it has been draininggggg.... If you ask me that seems like quite a lot for one human being " a small one at that" to take on... exhalesssssssssss....

So I thought that I would do something a bit more fun and relaxing today.. so I created my first lookbook. It definitely was FUNN.. "although there was a bit of work when it came down to the editing but... ces't la vie.

March is around the corner & I have promised to pace myself a bit more, even though I  have a realllly tight schedule. Work, work and french studies. I write my 2nd paper in 30 days..& I am excited to cross that goal off my vision board, I DO want to enjoy the fruits of my labour....right.. what would be the point if I didn't .. Tip of the day: If your body is telling you to slow down.. listen to it..&  I have mentioned that in my Tuning Out post from a couple months ago.Meanwhile... Here is the full lookbook below & let me know in the comments which look is your fav? FEBRUARY'S LOOKBOOK