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See this space right there in the picture below...I know it 'looks random, maybe a bit dingy & you are maybe probably most likely doing that turn up nose what is this face... lol.. Let's imagine for a bit shall we...That space down there is your business!! A bit empty, but with running water (see the drains) and electricity.. & you have windows..which is GOOD!! ! Now you need to add some content, a desk maybe.. a few chairs, new paint.. & gain some customers..I promise you I am not selling you a thing..so waitttt

feature bloggers project - guest blogging website


I have a few questions... 

  • When you started blogging did you have a goal in mind? Or did you just started adding virtual ink to paper? If you didn't have one ... have you developed one?
  • Do you find your goal a bit more difficult to achieve than anticipated?
  • Are you getting frustrated, because ehhh you just aren't seeing the results you wanted... Or you want to reach out but don't know HOW??? <<<<<<< All this sounded like an advertisement... because it kinda is.. and if you are still reading... Gotcha.. "I just saw you smiled right... if you didn't smile.. you probablyyy just giggled now.. " :) 

Now that I've gotten your attention Let's Continue..

I have been lacking some time to put in some serious effort into some posts, because of various reasons. Work, & It's back to study french for my Second diploma after work and filming some videos, I swear the week felt like it was really non-existent. So after doing some careful thinking, researching, not to mention some seriousssss work both at the office and here, I have decided to implement a "Let's Feature Bloggers" section to my blog. The name is pretty much self-explanatory but in more detail it will entail some collaborations starting the second half of September with other bloggers. 

guest blogging websites for new bloggers

the objective

To develop engagement with up & coming bloggers, drive traffic, and pretty much market ourselves.. because hey.. if you haven't noticed yet.. this is a seriously crowded market & everyone involved wants a piece of the pie. I know I do and I want the slice with the cherry on top of it. End End End.. To Increase, Improve & Maintain Positive Results... & new wood-grain floors...in our "OFFICE" so to speak.

the strategy

I am currently opening up myself  to  different blogs from different genres via Bloglovin ( FOLLOW ME), because I think that the platform really pools in everything. From my follows, I am presented similar blogs with content as my own as well as those I follow. Therefore, I have began to contact some bloggers with agreements to collaborate in an effort to achieve the above objective.All posts will be shared via  social media platforms "Facebook, Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter et al "(Mine & Bloggers Engaged), in order to ensure that the Objective is Achieved. Because this is what WE want, to grow our blogs beyond than just that.. but grow our business.. because it is exactly that.

the content

Featured posts are to be centered around 

  • - Beauty
  • - Travel
  • - Lifestyle Tips & Lessons (Career as well)
  • - Fashion & Personal Style
  • - And of course other bits & bobs (as they surface)

I admire hard work and passion driven individuals. Therefore if I haven't followed you, leave me a link in the comment section so I can check your page out. Exciting right? I know you, yes YOU reading this are interested (because you got so far down this post... Therefore contact me in order to write for us & I can't wait to work with all of you!!

P.S.. This is a FREE Project!!! No costs associated!! So don't be scared.. We don't bite.. :)

Bonne Week-end!