Why I Deleted 278 Subscribers From My List

One of the aims of every blogger, every online biz owner is growing their email subscription list. You know because this is where the "money is" the clientele, the people. However; from time to time it's also wise to spring clean. To ensure that you are conditioning the right set of persons into not only working with you,but also to enjoy your content. 

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The numbers game is sooooo overrated, and it can be quite easy to get caught up in it, especially in this modernized technological age, where social media is the heart of everyone being.."literally". On Instagram, it's the numbers game, on Pinterest it's How many times you pin was reposed, on Facebook, how many views your live stream replay had, and in the email list software, how many subscribers are receiving your goodies. 

Bit have you ever taken the time out to find out whether or not they are interested in your goodies? OK, so yes they did sign up for something special you had at some point in time,but like relationships, sometime your subscribers grow apart from you. 

Now you can fix this, revive your list, ask them valuable questions, you know just to ensure that you are feeding them the right content, the right newsletters et al. And if you aren't they will either one of 2 things

  1. Unsubscribe from your list
  2. Mark you as spam and never read your emails "that's worse than unsubbing". 

But this is good. Because the heart of a business is your customers, and your potential customers are in your list. Not only this it ensures that you are creating content specific to that list and not adding an additional "ughhh omg another email" in that persons inbox, when they already have 1000bazillion others "marked unread". 

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So here's what, if you currently have a list that is not active, try to revive the conversation. Send them a quick email, to find out what's going on AND share with them what you've been up too. Subscribers love when you are thinking about them. Late last year into earlier this year I didn't speak to my list of 511 persons for MONTHS!! And I didn't know what to say in other to get back their attention. So naturally I put off the "hello i'm back email" even longer. 

Until I invested in some email marketing guidance and sent a very quick hello, apologizing for my absence, but also giving them an insight of what i'd been up too. And then I asked that they share with me what they were up to and what they would like from me. Do you wanna know what happened? I got responses from my subscribers for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! LIKE WHATTT... I was taken aback so I decided to actually PAY ATTENTION.

So over the past 3 months I've been segmenting,. A/B testing, and listening to my subscribers. And then....I decluttered. I would much rather feel confident creating content for the subscribers who listened, making that impact I want to as a posed to spamming others. because trust me " I AM QUICK TO HIT THAT UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON MYSELF"

So when was the last time you cleaned up your email list? When was the last time you felt confident as a boss babe drafting that next news letter. Let's hear your thoughts below. 

xx Menellia