Sugary Coffee Goodness For Your Skin

I don't know about you guys, but crusty dry skin on one thing I absolutely detest, and by all means try to avoid. This means regular exfoliating & moisturizing, and here's a secret "I love Experimenting and using everyday products". My philosophy "if it's good for my insides, it's good for my outsides.. right". 

So for the fellow at home scientists or not so much like myself.. here's a quick DIY exfoliator "which you probably know of already" for you guys. Three ingredients needed: GOOD old Ground coffee "which I ALWAYS addictively have at home", Brown Sugar and a few ablespoons of water... ok maybe one, for these eyeballed measurements. 

Step One, in a bowl, add 1 heaping tablespoon of ground coffee, and one heaping tablespoon of brown sugar. Then, add your tablespoon of water and mix.. Now comes the messy fun part, and I mean MESSY, so you need to step into your shower, tub, w.e and apply ALL over your body and rub the goodness in. Don't forget to get under your & don't worry about the gritty feeling, because a reward awaits..smooth skin!! 

Let sit for a while, maybe 5-10 minutes, because you want your skin to reap the benefits of doing this."moisture lock, fresher younger skin from the glycolic acid in the sugar, orthe firming and brightening of the skin from the ground coffee". When your time is up, rinse, lather briefly with a moisturizing body wash, and moisturize with an oil "coconut, cocoa butter, or olive oil" & enjoy the baby butt smooooooth feeling.. .Warning.. You won't want to stop feeling your skin after that!!Do you guys have any at home skin care DIY's?xxx