Closet Confidential - My Oldest Piece


 What I love the most about revamping my old stuff is creating something new every time.


Can we call this vintage? I think I will. Today this post is about the oldest item in my closet.. 12 years old to be exact, gifted to me by my youngest sister as a souvenir from one of her trips to Martinique. Now I must admit that I haven't given this piece as much use as I could have for two reasons... I'm short & it's long , therefore I needed to get used to the length. 

Still pretty much BRAND NEW, I decided to wear this high waisted denim midi skirt on a random errand today & I must say that it is growing on me....What I love the most about this is it's character. So much to give. " Button down high waist which cinches your figure to a T, midi length with a slit down the back, and my favourite character, suspenders which can be removed or kept on depending on your mood of the day? Today, I wanted to play Urkel from Family Matters. 

I decided to pair it with leopard print studded studded sandals, a baby blue button down sleeveless, and a black handbag with chain detail. Comfy & relaxed. What's your oldest closet piece?What do you guys think?Love it? Get the inspired look below!!