How to sell your packages based on value.

Starting a coaching business might seem scary in the beginning, especially when you have no experience "sort of" working one:one with other women. And the process feels even scarier when you get on a call with a potential client,pent up enthusiasm only to hear the words at the end... "I can't afford that". 


Are you having difficulty booking clients?Do you get the objection of your prices being too high, or you find yourself simply giving away majority of your information for free??

There are so many reasons why your potential client might object to you package including 

  • being blindsided by your sales pitch
  • they haven't gotten the value of your offering
  • they simply aren't ready to work with you

But that doesn't mean it's the end of your empire just because they didn't buy. Instead here are 2 approaches you can take to ensure that your potential client sees so much value that they are ready from the clarity booking request. 

1. Let them know from the onset that they are coming into the call with the intention of being pitched to. 

2.Instead of showing the features of your package on your sales page, show them the benefits.Get your soul clients to see how different their lives will be after working with you.


Talking money can be a scary thing especially when your clients have not see the value of what you can provide them.And ensure that the value equates the price. Meaning, don't plaster on a $5,000 mark, just because everyone else is doing it, for 1 call, and access to your online course. In the same breath, don't undervalue yourself and your worth but over delivering for $200. 

So today, spend some time on your sales pages and read them as if YOU were that client, and ask yourself "did I get the value of what my package will provide?"

Now this might be a biased thing "since it's your page", but give yourself the freedom to be open minded. Because eventually, this will lead you to not only confidently charge the prices you want, because you know the benefits of what your services will provide, but it will make it easier to jump on a call without having that "omg she will think i'm too expensive" at the back of your mind.

And of course, it will defeat the purpose of you desiring to transform the lives of other women.

If you need support with tailoring your sales pages I invite you to book a clarity call with me & let's chat.. What struggles do you have generating new clients? Do let us know in the comment section below. 

Have a supercalifragilisticepialidocious Wednesday.

xx Menellia
Success Coach For Female Entrepreneurs