I Wore A Colorblock Dress Today

I've had a really rough week, and after a well rested night "seeing that I woke up at 5:00 a.m. without the sounds of alarm clocks, I felt like doing something a bit extra. So I thought, i'm gonna dress up, "with my version of dressing up including me putting on a full face of makeup,not something I do on an everyday basis". 

Getting decked out in an attired a bit out of the everyday norm "if you work in a uniform-ish "grey,black,blue,white" environment", can be a great way to spice your personality and mood up a bit when needing a pick me upper. or you can just resort to shopping.. right? So I opted to a colorblock shift dress, reason a being, that it had never been worn, and it was a new day, corny right, and reason b needed no ironing.

Who loves doing that anyway?

High necked, flowy, relaxed and comfortable fabric; with the separation of colors being black at the top, blue at the bottom; I paired today's lucky number with my black side bow faux suede heels as worn with  this Green Dress & a wine red bag for a pop of color.

Plus, what better way to look and feel super cool but by digging my afrobeats with Giant Headphones... ^_^

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