I am writing this post because I have visited a number of blogs with extremely good content which I love, but poor photography. Now before you shoot me in the neck.. hands up.. I know that taking professional looking photographs comes with an associated cost, and not all of us can afford a high tech camera. Mind you I am not a professional photographer.. (Beginner more like); And getting someone to shoot me is one of the most difficult tasks I have endured since I started this blog.

I sometimes feel like I am annoying them by asking, because it sometimes shows in the shots, and I mean come on.. I would rather just publish words than fuzzy pics.. besides I am not paying them.. so I understand the ordeal.Therefore; I am going to share some of my beginner tips with my fellow debutants.. because I want to see you progress..& we all know I love sharing what I've learned.


Original pic shot in low room light at 7 am ish In July, I decided to shell out and purchase a beginner Point to Shoot Camera for 2 reasons. 1 I was going on my first ever BIG TRIP outside of the Caribbean and I didn't own one but wanted to document it as professionally as possible, and 2 I wanted to start taking my blogging a bit more serious. So I got a Nikon Coolpix L830. (Without the accessories for now, but I am currently eyeing some accessories as a Christmas present maybe). Easy and Effortless to Use. 

Lighting is also one of the major components when shooting... and my Beginner Tip is Don't shoot into the light.. This applies to recording vids as well. Mind you there are gadgets to help all that jazz.. but we ain't got money for that yet..Heres a slight comparison..Random photo from My WEDGES WE LOVE Post


Shot Away from the Light       vs            Shot Into the Light


 Edited pic using W10 Photos AppWhen I do decide to shoot, I love clean minimal backgrounds, with the occasional busyness of course. Most times I carry my camera to work because that is where I spend most of my life… lol ..and I more options to a photographer (insert laugh).. Also.. the office building is painted in a light grey hue which I love and that  works for me. If I am shooting objects for my Instagram, I purchased a white foam core board, to use as a background, and most times I shoot from above the object.Using a light background makes the photo details jump out at you.. If you notice in the Light vs dark photo above.. the background is very busy and that's what jumps at you.. not the main character..THE WEDGES..For more tipsand pointers I love researching and learning new things every day and I love this beginner  video by Shameless Mayawhosephotography I am in LOVE with by the way!!



For my level, I am highly impressed by the quality of the photos, and easy operating of the camera itself. Most times I don’t edit my photos extensively.. but just add a little brightness and or highlight.. or go monochrome I am a lover of black and white photos because to me  it gives a classic feel to it. I don’t use any downloadable programs for now on my laptop except the installed Windows Store Photos App (from W10). If I snap or send a photo to my iPhone, I use Instaquare  Snapseed or Piclay, both of which are very user-friendly. I also try not to use too much Instagram filtering.Take the picture above.. In it's original form the detail is near perfect.. which is ideal for instagram.. BUT if I were to use that same edited picture and  edit to blog size it would look something like this.... pixelated.. 


This is large.. and it's already distorted 

Beginner Tip:If you love editing your photos.. find a suitable program you like ideal for both your phone and your laptop. Something that will be responsive to different mediums.


I don’t have a sequence of posting.. but I am currently learning how to make my photos tell a story in terms of layout.. Like this post itself. In the end.. I have noticed that a bit more professional photos makes a whole lot of difference to my blog on a whole in terms of cleanliness, layout flow, and of course it’s more pleasing to the eyes.I do use stock some stock photos which I found links to from Dana Fox's Blog (which I do give credit too) . Admittedly.. stock photos comes in very handy but personally it lacks uniqueness..

Overall Beginner Tip: Experiment with Lighting, Research & Learn, Implement what you learn.. and Improve! If you're debuting your photag skills..How do you Snap Edit & Post?