5 Beauty Benefits of Yoga: The Skin and Mind Connection

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When faced with skin problems or simply searching for ways in which to achieve that perfect complexion, most people take the wrong route and resort to an abundance of quick fixes found in synthetic skincare products that promise magical results. The first thing to become aware of is that, while these products might offer quick results, they are neither healthy nor long term solutions.

The true path to healthy and glowing skin (as well as a healthy body) lies in proper nutrition and just the right exercise. Most skin problems occur as a result of stress, unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyle. In order to rectify your skin issues, you must put in the effort, re-establish the bond between the body and mind.

A study done by professionals at Harvard Medical School shows that the mind and the body are inextricably linked, and that stress and other psychological factors can activate or worsen certain skin conditions. One of the prescribed courses of treatment, even by western medicine advocates, is some form of meditation and exercise, and this is why we are here today, to show you how yoga and meditation can help you achieve serenity and calm, and how in turn that will reflect on your skin.


A beautiful skin tone

Proper blood circulation, especially to the neck and head area is vital for a achieving a great complexion and an even skin tone. Some of the best yoga asanas that ensure increased blood circulation to these areas are Bhujangasana, the Cobra Pose. The reason why this pose is amazing is because reduces stiffness in the back and shoulders. It also relaxes and elevates your mood, which in turn makes your skin smooth and flexible.

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For skin that is flexible and firm, turn to Matsyasana, the Fish Pose. It enables deep breathing, helps normalize hormonal imbalance and relaxes your muscles. Finally, for a truly glowing skin, Halasana, the Plough Pose, singlehandedly achieves blood circulation to target areas, thus instantly providing you with glowing skin.

Tackling acne

I must admit, adult acne is an issue I have been fighting for a very long time. I had to realize that tackling the problem with aggressive products wasn’t fruitful - it actually worsened the condition, and that is why I turned to two things – gentle skincare and yoga positions for acne prone skin. I found the right solution in the natural Clarifying Day Oil by Dr Hauschka, which was gentle on my skin, yet amazingly effective.

However, the best results were achieved with a combination of this oil and amazing yoga positions. I started with the breath of fire and Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique. Breath is so important when treating skin ailments. Full, deep breathing facilitates speed up cell turnover, meaning your blemishes and scarring heal quicker.

Detoxify from within

Proper breathing also aids digestion which helps with acne treatment as well. I followed through with Wind Relieving Pose - poor digestion can also mean we are not receiving all the nutrients we need from our food, which is another cause of unhealthy skin. Next in line were spinal twists followed by Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, Revolved Triangle Pose and Reclining Twist. The last one is particularly beneficial for detoxifying the internal organs.

When these organs, such as the liver and kidney, are toxic, then they do not function at optimal levels, which in turn often results in acne. If your hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of acne, the Rabbit Pose is highly recommended as it stimulates the thyroid, which is one of the main producers of hormones.

Improve your sleep

Adequate sleep is just as good for your skin as it is for your brain. We heal in our sleep, and if we don’t get enough then we miss out on a lot of vital rejuvenation time.

This Legs-Up-the-Wall pose will put you in a calm, sleepy state that should keep you dreaming through the night, no tossing and turning, no waking up, and the result is well-rested and replenished skin.

Give a little tenderness

Make it a priority to set aside twenty minutes of every day and indulge in a relaxing facial yoga exercises. Begin by massaging your jaws to reduce stress, your eyebrows for a dose of instant relaxation and perform the ‘kiss and smile technique’ (push out your lips as though to kiss a baby and then smile as broadly as you can) to keep the mouth and cheek area looking plump.

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