48 Summer Hours In Barbados

Remember that post I published about wanting to visit every Caribbean island in my lifetime? Non.....brief up here on my Caribbean Destinations post, but I did it again. 

Although initially scheduled for a mini business trip, I mean why not french kiss life and include a little pleasure? And so I did!! I spent 48 hours on the island of Barbados and reallly enjoyed it. 

The Accomodation

I spent a bit of time trying to figure out where to stay based on 2 factors. Cost and proximity to the US Embassy. and of course availability for my chosen dates also played a part. So I chose Dover Beach Hotel located in the night life area of St. Lawrence Gap. I  happy to say that I was very pleased with the cleanliness, simplictiy and great hospitality.(p.s. I did a mini brand photo shoot here for my coaching biz) I will say though, I did not enjoy the food from the restaurant. My favourite spot was the sunbathing deck right on the waters edge "and a good view of surfers on the left".


The Activities

I imagine that like every island there was a ton to do, but since it was my first time on the island and my first solo trip "lovedddd it", with limited pleasure time my activities on the island was very limited. I simply wanted an escape from work work work "although I will admit that I did have a few business calls for projects I am currently working on for my coaching business. I was very fortunate to get a local taxi driver who was very fun to take me to the embassy, wait, and show me a bit of the island at no extra charge. I dig cool people like that. Let's summarise - sun bathing and beach gazing "c'est tout"



As it turned out, when you're on a wave of good energy vibe the vibration attracts more to you. I ended my last night with a very enjoyable leisure dinner at The Sandals resort which was next door, compliments of a friend of mine. A lovely tour, a french vibe coffee chat at the Cafe de Paris and lobster bisque, shrimps and pinot grigio....I mean, #frenchkisslife?

My overall experience, very enjoyable & I will be going back soon. Watch my fav moments in this mini tinie vlog &  subscribe to my Youtube Channel and do turn on the notifications.


Have you every visited Barbados? Do you live there? What's your favourite activity & place to eat? Let us know below!!

xx Menellia