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 4 Goals To Live By In Order To Build Confidence - By Caroline Gibbs

4 Goals To Live By In Order To Build Confidence - By Caroline Gibbs

When I think of a goal I think of an objective I want to achieve in my life that will give me more joy and happiness. It something that I completely desire to have and feel that it can add on or positively transform my life. When I suffered my third anxiety attack several years ago I set a committed goal to get out of my sump of limited beliefs, comparisons, lack of confidence to become more of who I felt I was meant to be. I knew inside that I wanted more and could be more. My goals included to devour myself into more personal development and achieve the confidence I craved in order to face the world and make the IMPACT I wanted. After steady study and application I saw a difference in my behavior. I began to most importantly express myself more often than before. I put together and learned the 4 foundational Goals to Building Confidence and is something that I live by today.

Live Courageously:

Now with this goal I don’t mean for you to go out and party all night long. I mean to go out into the world and conquer what you want to achieve. For me it was conquering my fear of meeting and talking to different people, getting over my limited beliefs, starting my own business and beginning to love and appreciating myself more and more the more I learned. I am honestly still challenged to live courageously but I can say that I have come a long way to facing fears and know that there is more to face in the future if I want to expand and IMPACT more people with my message of confidence.


Embrace Life:

This goal was hard for me at first because I really did not know how to feel love and acceptance of myself.  I really began to assess my strengths (Strengths Finder 2.0) and weakness, write everything positive about myself, what I liked, and whatever people positively said about me in my life. In this list it helped me connect to and see a pattern of my # 1 strength that was identified in strengths finder which is to be a leader/influencer. I embraced self-care such as taking long luxurious baths, having conversations with people that felt really good, eating more vegetables, hugging my parents more, smiling and receiving smiles back from people, being grateful for what I have etc. If it makes you feel good inside do it. I learned how to fill my cup and know that when my cup is empty I can’t give the way I want to. 


You are Enough:

I remember when I was your and felt bad about myself I looked for the answer outside of me. I looked at other people to find the answer about myself. In doing that it did help me identify that I needed to work on some things. OPRAH changed the game for me because she exposed me to books and new ways of feeling and thinking. I learned that the answer was in me and that I had to find in myself what I needed to feel confident and happy. It was all there in me I just had to pull it out of me. I found that I’m able to focus on something that I really wanted, that I am curious and like to read, google and YouTube topics that interest me, I believe that I have a solid presence that can inspire others around me.


Love Always:

I began to accept myself and know that all my experience and all I have and give is love. When I accept myself I radiate all that I AM!


These 4 transformative goals are my foundation for building the confidence i want personally and for my company Be Inspired Brand, LLC. It something that I will always be go back to as my rock. It is something that I want every woman to look to for confidence that they need as well. You can find my tee at www.beinspiredbrand.com By Caroline Gibbs



xxx Menellia 

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