3 Must Read Books Of The Summer For Women

This year has definitely been the awakening of my bookworm vibes.. As much as I love writing, my reading books skillset lacks a bit "shameless truth", unless of course I found ONE very interesting, captivating book of words per year. However, I have been burying my face into some amazing populars lately. From Styling inspiration, to deep thoughtful words, here are 3 amazing reads I think every woman should splurge on because there is nothing more relaxing than a classic movie and a glass of wine... but a good book and some cookies & tea comes equally close. 


Garance Dore has been one of my favourite bloggers, illustrators & content creators. I love listening to her podcast  "Pardon My French", when i'm in relax mode & reading her blog on  Sunday mornings, so when I saw her book trending, I thought why not? My investment has not failed. From the stylish cover, to bold prints and a look into her inside life as she takes us on a journey into her past & blossoming ages. Still in the read, but so far I am in love. The best part is that my inner style guru is absorbing some great stylespiration. 


A Journey To Inner Peace & Freedom. 

Colleen Saidman Yee.. I discovered whilst watching an episode of Marie Forleo's during my morning mental boost sessions. What led me to purchase this book was the powerful message of  limiting our beliefs of ourselves & our worth in "YOU ARE ENOUGH". If you are seeking some guidance in believing in your capabilities, your skillsets, your ambition.. the first chapter of the book will definitely grab you!

BIG MAGIC - Creative Living Beyond Fear. 

Elizabeth Gilbert is a household name from the age of Eat-Pray-Love.. you know that famous Julia Roberts movie which makes us all want to take a lap at life & LEAVE every comfort zone we know. BIG MAGIC  had been sitting in my amazon cart for probably 2 months. Because I was still deliberating whether or not I wanted to buy it. But again, I was sold from watching another interview of Marie Forleo's. The highlight & selling point. FEAR. Elizabeth sold me on getting this book when she said. "Invite your fear to come along for the ride". Something I never though of... & of course.. it's the first chapter of the book.. courage.. 

So there you have it. 3 MUST reads for the summer. If you are yearning for personal development, self improvement and growth.. these are definitely some ad ons for your coffee table. If you have read any of these, do let us know your review down below & if you haven't what are you waiting for?