Hey Gorgeous - Wanna Know The Backstory?

My Location: Saint Lucia (Caribbean)

About Myself & Why I Started This Blog

I have always had a passion for sharing my experiences with others, sharing what I learn, tips, ideas.. etc.. In 2013  I experience a rude awakening or what I like to call a quarter life crisis. Therefore I decided to delete my first blog and focus on ME for a bit.. But I missed it... So I created a lifestyle blog via WordPress.. still inconsistently.. I think over the years, the blogging platform has given me my voice, and I have no problem sharing my point of view on here.. as well as orally .. (Yay me). Nothing But Velvet is a place of empowerment, building self-confidence & cultivating a happy healthy way of living..with style.  

So, in August 2016, I decided to be a bit more "professional about it", & launched Nothing But Velvet as a guidance to readers, bloggers, and anyone willing to read, learn and implement what I share. My site is centered around Lifestyle Motivation, Tips and of course, My Personal Style. 

I love sharing with others trying to build a better lifestyle for themselves, as well as reading and learning from other bloggers, & I really hope you enjoy your stay here, as well as share your platforms with me.  Thanks for Stopping By. M

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i'm also a bit mindset & personal development obsessed & I will take you on a joyride to creating your most happiest life. Whether it be via my members club, this blog or private coaching; your mind will become the most beautiful thing you have every know.. ready to get started?

Menellia valcent

i am doing it
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