The Importance of Self Care When Starting An Online Business

The entrepreneurial journey is a fun and whirlwind one, where we are both excited and afraid of what’s in store. We become so engrossed in the world, discovering new information, new strategies, tools and especially other entrepreneurs on their very own journeys. It becomes our obsession & although it’s somewhat a great thing for our business growth, it can also become our poison. Which leads to self-neglect.

5 Beauty Benefits of Yoga: The Skin and Mind Connection

When faced with skin problems or simply searching for ways in which to achieve that perfect complexion, most people take the wrong route and resort to an abundance of quick fixes found in synthetic skincare products that promise magical results. The first thing to become aware of is that, while these products might offer quick results, they are neither healthy nor long term solutions.

10 Habits to start an EXCELLENT day

Our brain enables us to do very complex things on a daily basis without having to devote any conscious thought to it-precisely because it makes use of habits that already exist as recorded programs in our minds. Have you ever noticed any people who have a skill or a characteristic that you admire and would like to have? It is very likely that this person had a cultivated habit for a long time that the

How to sell your packages based on value.

Starting a coaching business might seem scary in the beginning, especially when you have no experience "sort of" working one:one with other women. And the process feels even scarier when you get on a call with a potential client,pent up enthusiasm only to hear the words at the end... "I can't afford that". Are you having difficulty booking clients?Do you get the objection of your prices being too high, or you find yourself simply giving away majority of your information for free??

We're Jealous Of Mythical Creatures..

Am I wrong to call them mythical creatures? Maybe probably but for fancy language aesthetic I couldn't resist. It does add an air of "je n'ais c'est quoi" non? But this post is really just to bring forth the luxed up quality of living we are all craving stemming from hours of time downpour on social media accounts we admire. Yes "culprit here"...But is it truly luxe? It is it truly "non-fiction"? 

Why I Deleted 278 Subscribers From My List

The numbers game is sooooo overrated, and it can be quite easy to get caught up in it, especially in this modernized technological age, where social media is the heart of everyone being.."literally". On Instagram, it's the numbers game, on Pinterest it's How many times you pin was reposed, on Facebook, how many views your live stream replay had, and in the email list software, how many subscribers are receiving your goodies.