Which Summer Style Is Perfect For You?

Summer is finally here, and if you’re eager to show your flawless beach style to the world – welcome to the club! Of course, it’s not just about keeping up with the latest fashion trends, but more about wearing pieces that depict your character and attitudes in the best possible way. Here are five amazing summer styles, so stay with us and learn which one you belong to!

Are You A New Struggling Coach?

If you're a brand new or early stage coach chances are you may be lacking some confidence in your brand identity, afraid of selling your packages or can't attract your ideal client. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your current process & systems and you’re on the brink of giving up; well I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, but if coaching is your calling, it’s your duty to honor that calling and start claiming your dream life & business…APPLY FOR THE SUMMER MASTERMIND!

Let's Set A Success Intention

I am so excited today & I wanna share that energy with you today because you are about to make major things happen for your life & business...... Like for real my love. Last night I went to bed on a high note after my tapping session around removing confidence blocks. And this morning I woke up with a burst of energy 'sans alarm clock"...

Destination Caribbean- Martinique, Dominica, Antigua..

I'm usually drawn away from the tropical isles when it comes to vacation, but this year, all I wanna see is sunshine & beaches!! An immense amount of it. But why would a Caribbean island girl like myself want to take visit more salty places?As such I will be doing a series of posts highlighting Caribbean destinations I have visited so far and where I plan to visit next & why. To start off - the then!!

The Importance of Self Care When Starting An Online Business

The entrepreneurial journey is a fun and whirlwind one, where we are both excited and afraid of what’s in store. We become so engrossed in the world, discovering new information, new strategies, tools and especially other entrepreneurs on their very own journeys. It becomes our obsession & although it’s somewhat a great thing for our business growth, it can also become our poison. Which leads to self-neglect.

5 Beauty Benefits of Yoga: The Skin and Mind Connection

When faced with skin problems or simply searching for ways in which to achieve that perfect complexion, most people take the wrong route and resort to an abundance of quick fixes found in synthetic skincare products that promise magical results. The first thing to become aware of is that, while these products might offer quick results, they are neither healthy nor long term solutions.

10 Habits to start an EXCELLENT day

Our brain enables us to do very complex things on a daily basis without having to devote any conscious thought to it-precisely because it makes use of habits that already exist as recorded programs in our minds. Have you ever noticed any people who have a skill or a characteristic that you admire and would like to have? It is very likely that this person had a cultivated habit for a long time that the