Nordstrom - Sneak A Peek....+ Bloggers Needed

It's that time again!! The Nordstrom sale is almost here & if you're an instagram freak like me it has been all over our timelines.. A good thing & bad things As the spending splurge begins. But the trick to proper money management is to create a list of those chic pieces you are craving for. Like I explained in my Wardrobe Makeover post, strategy is the key to maximizing your closet's use. The event start July 22nd, which is pretty much tomorrow, but if you wanna snag some of those early deals "sign up for a Nordstrom credit or debit card". But don't worry, I snuck a peek at the goodies & hand picked some of my fav items for early steal. Simple et Chic...

A Beginners Guide To Planning The Almost Perfect Trip

When it comes to planning for ANYTHING I generally go super ham on that. From step 1 to 100 OCD because I just can't bare the thought of something going wrong. I remember last summer I literally spent 1 year planning the biggest trip of my life...I wanted everything to be perfect & I wanted to have as minimal glitches as possible... almost succeeded with the exception of one major glitch...but we're not gonna get into that right now.So if you're plannin gyour first trip, here are a few beginners tips & tricks to planning the perfect "almost" vacation.

Corporate Catwalk- Look of the Week

Corporate Catwalk- Blazer tip 1

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